Wildflower Wednesday

The Daisy Bellis perennis is usually dismissed as a lawn weed, but here it is one of the earliest and most important of the machair¹ wildflowers. It is one of the few food sources on the machair for the early emerging Bumblebees. For the technically minded it is one of the indicative plants (along with … More Wildflower Wednesday

Dancing Planets

On nights when the depth of the silence echoes the murmur of the waves and there is the cool caress of a zephyr the planets dance. The silver crescent of the waxing moon is crowned with the diadem of Venus whilst Jupiter’s pale light reflects her mystery. The Pleiades glitter like a swarm of fireflies … More Dancing Planets

Botany with a twist

Not all botanists are gardeners but are all gardeners botanists? If you ask a gardener whether they’re a botanist most will probably tell you they know a little about plants and then name most of the plants in the garden using a Latin or a Greek tag. True you don’t need any formal botanical training … More Botany with a twist

Gardening Dilemmas 2

The Time and Space Conundrum I am sure that it is possible to devise a mathematical formula to resolve my problem,  however just thinking about it makes me want to lie down in a darkened room. So this post is about juggling and not mathematics. At 57°N the growing season is very short and relatively … More Gardening Dilemmas 2