Wildflower Wednesday

Pink Perfection Thrift, Sea Pink,  Rock Rose, Moss Pink, Our Lady’s Cushion, tonna chladaich, Armeria maritima As May approaches our wildflowers are still deep in slumber – sleepy heads waiting for the temperature to rise. However this tough little cushion plant has been in flower for the last two weeks or more – a nectar … More Wildflower Wednesday

Give me sunshine

After two weeks of long sunny days I’m as brown and wrinkled as a December Egremont Russet, my hands rasp like sandpaper, the finger nails are all broken and very grubby, and my joints crack and creak. All but the most urgent domestic chores are neglected and my e-mail auto-responder reads “gardening I’ll get back … More Give me sunshine

Spring Fever

As the days lengthen and the sun makes an appearance, the sap rises in the Croft Garden team. Spring fever? More like running a slight temperature. Like everything else in these islands, Spring happens slowly and cannot be rushed. So last week the gardening tools were locked in the shed and out came the concrete … More Spring Fever