Lets go brambling!

bramble n. rough prickly shrub of the genus Rubus with long trailing shoots, esp. blackberry-bush. Oxford English Dictionary. Is it the time of year or the advancing years that makes one prone to nostalgia? Sunday afternoon bike rides with my Dad were always wonderful excursions into the countryside where there were always new things to … More Lets go brambling!

Techno Blues

I am going to begin with an apology – well it could be 2 and by the time I get to the end it could be 2n-1 (lots). So first sincere apologies to everyone who made wonderful comments about my vegetable growing efforts and was left hanging in the ether because I have been in … More Techno Blues

Vegetable Garden

The potatoes are in sacks under the bench in the shed, the garlic neatly platted and hanging above, soon to be joined by the onions which are drying in the polytunnel. There are boxes and boxes of jam and chutney and both freezers are full to bursting point. Autumn has definitely arrived, complete with the … More Vegetable Garden

Islands in the mist

Friday 7 September: Mist rolls in frosts the glass with tiny crystal droplets. “Hello this is Hebrides.net our offices are closed. To reach our automated system press 1 for sales; 2 for technical support: Press 1 for network status – there are no problems on the interconnected communities network Press 2 to test your connection … More Islands in the mist