Notice to Quit

A Cautionary Tail To whom it may concern (this includes Common Field Mice, luchan-feòir, Apodemus sylvaticus, Field Voles, Short-tailed Voles, famhalain feòir, Microtus agrestris ) You have been given friendly warnings and advised that you are not allowed to live in the polytunnel during the winter. The Head Gardener has already relocated one of you to the garden wall but you have … More Notice to Quit

World Food Day

United Nations days of… come and go and I admit most pass me by unnoticed, although I can usually manage a cheer for International Womens Day. It is frequently observed that I have a “bee in my bonnet” infact there is usually a whole hive tucked under my woolly hat. World Food Day got a few of … More World Food Day

Whiff of winter

The days are shortening and the northerly winds bring a cold nip to the morning air. Time to find the woolly hats, fill the log baskets and get ready for Samhain which begins on 31 October. This is one of the Celtic fire festivals when the doors on the hills open and the wee folk visit the realms … More Whiff of winter