Mind the Gap

Nothing but blue skies…… With high pressure over Scandinavia and the jet stream well to the south the northerly air flow has turned the islands into a frigid riviera. Long sunny days and balmy temperatures of 5°C, which in the lightest wind become a chilly 1°C, are perfect for brisk walks along the beach but … More Mind the Gap

From Devil’s Matchsticks to Powderhorns

Year of Natural Scotland – Lichens in Miniature Is it a plant? An animal? No it’s a fungus, well actually it is a lichen,  a compound organism comprising a fungus, an alga and sometimes a cyanobacterium. They co-exist in a mutually beneficial partnership: the algae and/or cyanobacteria are protected from the environment by the fungal … More From Devil’s Matchsticks to Powderhorns

International Women’s Day – In Praise of the Cultivators

This posts celebrates all the women who garden, grow food for their families, flowers to delight us and make ours a green and pleasant land. To all the ladies who toil in adversity, never give up and who will never receive accolades for their triumphs other than a smile, I salute you. “God made rainy … More International Women’s Day – In Praise of the Cultivators