Slip slidin’ away

Several times this winter high tides have coincided with storm force winds and re-arranged the topography of the beach and shingle coves at Ardivachar. Nothing too serious and although it has happened more frequently than hitherto, the coastal erosion has been minor. So although the Spring equinox gales are still on the horizon, I was … More Slip slidin’ away

A Slow Start

Bulbs on the bench I fear that whatever I write about the garden and the weather I will end up either a Jeremiah, Job’s comforter or even worse a Polly Anna. So we will summarise the current state of the vegetable and cottage gardens as wet, sodden, saturated and waterlogged, which is quite remarkable as … More A Slow Start

The Garden as Art

My efforts in the cottage garden yesterday could hardly be described as artistic endeavour, but the mundane task of chopping bits of weedy grass from the border edges was sufficiently menial to give me time to muse over the recent post by Chloris on Is the Garden an Art Form? It is too easy to … More The Garden as Art

Hold the Front Page

WP gave my muse a bit of a nudge today with a reminder that I’ve now been blogging for 2 years!  At this juncture, with a world-weary sigh and a Gallic shrug of the shoulders, my muse departed muttering something about a world cruise. So on a wet Monday afternoon I’m muse-less and have a … More Hold the Front Page