Lions on the beach

Reeling into the wind, staggering along the beach like ancient mariners tossed onto a distant shore, our progress erratic as storm tossed debris. As dark squalls spin across the horizon heads withdraw, sheltering in gore-tex carapaces. Eyes narrowed by reflected diamond light salt stinging tears funnell down furrowed cheeks. Cries of wonder are carried beyond … More Lions on the beach

Garden of Plenty

There are a series of landmarks in my gardening year and, however intemperate the weather, by late July, the croft vegetable garden has been transformed into a garden of abundance. The empty trugs of the hungry gap months become horns of plenty and we are sated with green comestibles. A pretentious little literary allegory which … More Garden of Plenty

Paradise regained

I’m back. My desk has been restored, my muse has returned from her vacation, the equinox gales have arrived and my quiet life on the island has resumed. The garden demands my attention, there are herbs to dry, preserves to make, cakes to bake and books to read. I must await the return of the … More Paradise regained

En Vacances?

No I’m still here, enjoying the glorious weather on the Hebridean riviera, cosseting our holiday cottage visitors, planting bulbs and seeds, harvesting and preserving enough for a winter of apocalyptic proportions, and masquerading as a domestic goddess. Oh and in my spare time I’m general factotum, galley slave and supplier of tea and cakes. Nothing … More En Vacances?