Wordless Wednesday Lachenalia aloides var. vanzyliae

L. aloides var. vanzyliae was introduced to Kirstenbosch Botanic Garden in 1927. It is an unusually colored form, with conspicuous white bracts and pendulous flowers with green segments, that fade into pale blue at the base.

7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Lachenalia aloides var. vanzyliae

    1. Sorry this one doesn’t have a common name. Not a perfect specimen, it is a little elongated through lack of light. It is one of the refugee plants from the greenhouse and is on a windowsill in the house receiving tlc.

      1. We’ve been waiting for a “weather window”, in the end we just got on with it! Now watertight and structurally sound, but we will have to do of the less urgent work in the summer.
        Send me the dates of the Ramblers and Golfers grad tour by e-mail please. I’m so excited!

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