Hebridean Autumn

Falling leaves, pumpkins, bonfires, conkers, mists and mellow fruitfulness, classic icons of autumn. Now add the adjective Hebridean and the picture becomes minimalist, the colours fade and the flames of autumn burn with a different hue. Here the smell of wood smoke becomes the softer, sweet odour of burning peat and the pungency of fermenting … More Hebridean Autumn

A change in the wind

Last Saturday I knew that our idyllic autumn weather was coming to an end. The weather forecasters were predicting the retreat of the high pressure allowing the intrusion of  Atlantic weather systems. Rain and strong winds were on the way. So it was time to remove the tender perennials, the scented-leaf pelargoniums, salvias, hyssop and … More A change in the wind

Men and Sheds

I have serious doubts about the title of this post – should it be “people and sheds” ? As I contemplated the subject matter I began to envisage a whole minefield of political correctness opening before me. If I’m going to be gender neutral do I use the term spouse or is that too elitist? … More Men and Sheds