Rediscovering the Magic

Moon image International Space Station

Image of the moon from the International Space Station. Armagh Planetarium 2014

The plague flag has been flying from the gate of the croft for the last 10 days and we’ve been confined to the house by the weather and self-imposed quarantine. The winter solstice supper was cancelled along with the Christmas Eve lunch with friends. The croft kitchen has been eerily quiet, just the bubbling of nourishing soups accompanied by sneezing and hacking coughs. So there has not been a great deal of festive spirit around.
After another sleepless night, I wearily dragged my aching bones from under the duvet and made my way to the kitchen to make the morning tea. As I waited for the kettle to boil, I sleepily looked out of the window and there it was – an enormously full moon suspended just above the waves. The ripples of the waves were etched with silver and the face of Caillech was partially obscured in diaphanous wisps of cerulean cloud. I was mesmerised by the moonlight and, although I usually do not need to be reminded, remembered that our planet is beautiful and that I am fortunate to be able to lookout of my window and be inspired by the landscape.
May your Christmas, New Year and Mid-winter celebrations be filled with magic.




This is a very personal Christmas message exclusive to malicious hackers, phishers, scammers, spammers and every amoral species of low life that inhabit cyber space.

Thank you so much for selecting my sites for your attention. I’ve no idea what you expected to find but I hope you enjoyed the tour of my very boring databases before trashing my sites.
Clearing up after you is about as pleasant as hosing off the wellies after walking in something particularly nasty. I know that if I add all the available security bells and whistles to my sites that you can still break-in. This does not deter me, it is just a pity that you have nothing better to do.
In appreciation of your Christmas gift I can think of nothing better to send you than the latest emoji which signifies universal contempt, you can even chose whether you prefer the one or two-fingered version. I won’t publish them as I have no desire to be blacklisted by WordPress. Happy Christmas!