Croft Garden – A New Chapter

The view over the garden wall I'd not intended to take a sabbatical in my decadal blogging year, but sometimes life is challenging and unpredictable. On reflection, it was probably a good idea, as I'd always promised that I would not write unless I had something worth sharing. I was shaken from my lethargy by… Continue reading Croft Garden – A New Chapter


Scintillating Scillas

Scilla bifolia

Spring Squill, Scilla verna, on Mingulay If you have ever wandered along the coastal cliffs of the north and west of the British Isles, you may have encountered one of the most delicate of our native spring flowers, the Spring Squill, Scilla verna. Nestling in the short turf or tucked into crevices, when abundant it… Continue reading Scintillating Scillas

Easter: lambs, lions, swans & buns

Easter buns

Easter buns March arrived as docile as a lamb and then began to roar, continued to roar and will leave still roaring. Spring took one look at the weather map and immediately fled southwards, leaving us cold, wet and miserable. Any daffodil foolhardy enough to raise its head was immediately decapitated, the primroses huddled in… Continue reading Easter: lambs, lions, swans & buns